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Do you live in an apartment and don't have room for a Christmas tree?

Or maybe you have an animal or small children who constantly have to take down the Christmas tree?

Have you ever wanted a Christmas tree in every room of your house?

Why not one for preschool or your office?

Maybe you're a boss who loves your job but hates being stuck at your desk during the holidays. You can always get an artificial Christmas tree for your office so that when people come to work on December 25th they are greeted with a cheerful display of Christmas cheer! Your staff will appreciate this gesture more than any Christmas present - and more than you can give them anyway!

Why not one for your cabin?



Christmasul is the most beautiful time of the year and we believe that with our light and portable Christmas tree you can do so much more than with a regular Christmas tree. If you want to add some extra cheer to your home this Christmas, take a look at our options!

Whether you choose one with LED lights or without, we have the perfect tree for you.


Creative and fun

Easy to install and redecorate your Christmas tree several times until you are satisfied! Perfect stimulation for the kids. Watch as your child fine-tunes their color recognition skills and imagination and decorates their very own Christmas tree, which comes with many different ornaments for endless possibilities.



Perfect distraction

Our brilliant toddler-friendly Christmas tree will distract your little ones while you decorate the large Christmas tree without them feeling left out. See them smile with joy and give them a sense of ownership.




Strengthens the bond between children and parents

Spend time strengthening the bond with your toddlers and decorating the Christmas tree together. It's the perfect "early" Christmas present for them to enjoy!



Premium quality and safety

The Christmas tree is made of premium thick felt with velcro decorative details. It is durable, doesn't take up much space, is easy to put away and can be reused every year. The size is98 X 70 cm




The red string on the top of the Christmas tree can be easily hanged anywhere in the house, on the wall, door or window, which can let your children feel Christmas and new year mood!



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